Andrew Wright

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Six of Andrew’s books, three from Cambridge University Press and three from Oxford University Press.  They are all for language teachers.

Author and illustrator of books for Cambridge University Press,

Oxford University Press, Longman Pearson and others.

Storyteller for children and for adults in fifty five countries.

Language teacher trainer in fifty five countries.

A language teacher of children and of adults.

Andrew Wright

Author and illustrator of books for Cambridge University Press,

Oxford University Press, Longman Pearson and others.

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Longman Pearson                Oxford Univ.Press               Macmillan


E.J. Arnold                             Different publishers            Erich Cohen Books


‘I told my mother when I was eight years old that I wanted to write and illustrate my own books.  I have been so lucky to be able to do this.  Most of my books are written for language teachers or for students learning English.  I haven’t written about grammar but about using games, pictures and stories in language learning.’

Writing Stories.  Helbling Languages.

This book is well laid out, user-friendly and provides a wealth of knowledge and practical ideas.’  Recommended.  Practical English Teaching.

How to Communicate Successfully.  Cambridge University Press.

Andrew Wright proves with his book that learning how to communicate successfully can be fun.’ Practical English Teaching.

1000 Pictures for Teachers to Copy.  Longman Pearson.

‘…this book will come as a breath of fresh air to all language teachers…’ Practical English Teaching.

Storytelling with Children.  Oxford University Press.

 ‘Along with Andrew Wrights other books in the series (CUP 1997, 2001), Storytelling with Children certainly is a classic.’  ELT Journal

Books currently ‘in print’

Here are the language teaching books of mine which are still ‘in print’.  This means the publishers are still selling them.

Games for Language Learning.  CUP

Five Minute Activities. CUP

Pictures for Language Learning. CUP

Storytelling with Children. OUP

Creating Stories with Children.  OUP

Art and Creative Activities. OUP

Writing Stories.  Helbling Languages

Creativity in the Classroom. ILI International Languages Institute


‘Translations of some of my books.’

I.L.I. Nemzetközi Nyelvek Intézete Kft (I.L.I. Kft)  

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